– I’m sure you heard that Leonard Nimoy passed away a few days ago. I wasn’t particularly surprised by the news, but I was still sad to hear about it. Nimoy always seemed to me like a nice guy, and his Spock has been part of my life for… well, for my whole life. Like pretty much everyone else, I grew up with Star Trek. The original show was in perpetual afternoon and evening re-runs when I was a kid. I used to watch it with my Dad (along with Dukes of Hazard, which he didn’t like, and Fame, which he did) when I was very young before he died, and I continued to watch it almost every day as I grew older. Everyone I knew watched Star Trek. My friends, my teachers, my relatives. Adults. Everyone. It was universal. I can’t say that I exactly looked up to Spock, but it’s easy to see how the character (how all of those characters) had a real influence on me.  My love for the ideas of space travel, exploration and scientific discovery all come from Star Trek, and my ideal of rational argument and intelligent problem solving comes from Spock (My tendency to be bad at planning and just try to wing everything and hope it works out is a Kirk influence, I guess). A few years ago my brother Will suggested that we should all get Star Trek uniforms and go to conventions dressed as crew members. We never did, but I bought a blue uniform shirt anyway. I didn’t fit, otherwise I’d wear it all the time.

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