– This one’s a little late. I’ve had a weird, hectic week, and I didn’t get a  chance to work on this until late Friday night.

– February was Modest Medusa Pareon month. Today’s the last day! We didn’t make it to my $1100 goal, but we did get pretty far, and I really, really appreciate that. Your support through Patreon is helping me pay my bills and allowing me to spend more time making comics. I appreciate every dollar. My goal is to eventually get to $1200-1300, which will allow me to focus completely on making comics instead of spending time doing freelance work. I’m not there yet, but this month was  a huge step in that direction. Thank you all so much!

MM Patreon 2015 2-28

In case you were wondering, the your Patreon support is directly resulting in more comics from me. The Legend of Korra fan comic I’ve been doing is all thanks to your support through Patreon. Without that support, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to spend time working on it. Right now i’m working on Ghost Kiss comics that I hope to be posting next month. That’s thanks to Patreon too! My hope is that starting in April I’ll be able to post 4-6 pages of new comics every month. that’s in addition to my regular Medusa stuff. Your support through Patreon is what’s making that happen!

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