– Save your bucks! the Modest Medusa Holiday sale starts on Friday!

– I’m super excited to say that the digital version of Mermaid Hunters is now FINALLY available for sale! This is a brand new starter set for The Magical and of Yeld RPG, designed to get brand new players into the game. Over 95 pages of content for just $5, including:

– A 30 page full color rule book including basic rules and character creation, plus instructional comics that help you learn to play!

– A 56 page full color guide book including a brand new 3 part Mermaid Hunters adventure, story comics, a guide to the Lake Region, new rules for Mentors and a collection of Monsters to face and treasure, spells and loot to collect!

– A set of 26 full color print and assemble paper Monsters and Friends!

– Printable character sheets and Action Board.

But it from the Yeld store or DrivethruRPG!