-So some of you may have had problems viewing this site the last week. I had some major site problems earlier this week, but the problem is mostly resolved now. If you’re still having problems viewing the site (which means you won’t be reading this, but whatever) you probably need to restart your browser, refresh your cache, delete you cookies or do other internet things to basically purge your connection to the old version of the site so you can see the new version. Sorry, I know that’s a pain. Reader Chris Cullen had some good advice: “For me, what worked was searching for Modest on Google, then linking through to get a new favorites link” . So please do that! If you haven’t been able to view the site for a few days you’ll be happy to see that there’s a whole week of updates you missed!

There’s still a  few site problems I’m working on. The Archive tab doesn’t currently work and the background image behind the strip is missing. I’ll be taking care of both o fthose next week. If you come across any other problems please let me know!

-I’ll be in Tacoma for the Jet City Comic Con this weekend. Come find me and get a free Chocodile!

-There’s just two days left for the current Bundle of Holding, a digital RPG collection that contains my sci-fi/mystery role playing game Ocean. Ocean is a very strange RPG, and if you’re a fan of unconventional or shared GM role playing, cooperative board games or shared creative storey telling you might dig it. The bundle contains a bunch of otehr great horror and suspense games too, and a portion of each sale goes to charity. Please check it out! Here’s the link!