– I’ve been  reading a lot of X-Men the last few months. All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and X-Men have all been really worthwhile, and I’d totally recommend picking up the trade paperbacks. The art (by Immomen, Bachalo and Coipell) has been super great, and Bendis and Wood have both been telling solid stories. Unfortunately the whole thing will probably fall apart as soon as they start using a  bunch of fill in artists. they dodged a bullet on Uncanny by using Frazer Irving to fill in for Bachalo, but usually their fill in choices aren’t half as good. So enjoy the quality while it lasts!

– Also, I’ll be participating in a special panel on self publishing and webcomics at the Vancouver Main Library on Sat, July 27th. That’s Vancouver, WA. I’ll post more details next week.

– I’m offering another original illustration on ebay. This is the hand colored art featuring Marah from the Modest Medusa Learns to Color book. You can see all the details on the auction page. The auction ends on Sunday night. Please check it out (by clicking here)!

MM Marah

– The July sale continues! Get both Modest Medusa hardcover books for just $28. That’s a $6 savings! I’m also including a pack of stickers with each order. Click here to visit the store!

Bundle art