– Welcome to Season 4! Modest Medusa is now a prison drama!

– I was on the Drunk Duck podcast yesterday. Ozone Ocean was a great host and I had a lot of fun! You can listen to it here.

– Lots and lots of Kickstarter stuff to talk about! Just 10 days left and I could still use your support!

— The Kickstarter is less than $250 from the next stretch goal, which is an assistant to help me take care of shipping all the Kickstarter stuff. I plan on doing it as fast as I can anyway, but having an assistant will help make sure you guys get your stuff as fast as possible. After that we’ll be just $500 from the next stretch goal, a bonus 3 page story about the Fairy Soldiers and their Batman obsession!

— In case you missed it, here’s the art for the special sticker that only international backers get. Medusa as Nausicca! I’m also offering this sticker to Kickstarter backers who also support my Patreon campaign.

Nausicaa sticker


—- If you missed the awesome Modest Medusa dice from the Dice Empire campaign, here’s your second chance! You can add Modest Medusa dice to any Kickstarter pledge for $2 each.

MM Die 1 Full


—– If you’d like a copy of the Season 1 or 2 books (or even an extra Season 3 book) you can now add them to any Kickstarter pledge for $17 each!

—— Here’s a special thing I’d doing. My friends Ben and Elaine are running a Kickstarter for their comic Licensed Heroes. It’s a fantasy comedy and I dig it a lot. Elaine and I collaborated on a special Licensed Heroes/Modest Medusa print. She drew it and I colored it. We’ll be giving away the print to anyone who back both of our Kickstarters for at least $25. Here’s the art:

MM_LH_crossover small