-If you don’t remember Prince brand Cigarettes it’s probably because you never read the mermaid story in the 3rd Modest Medusa book. Each book contains about 25 pages of extra comics, and the 3rd one has a bit about Jenny giving up her brand of choice. Oh here, I’ll just show you (you can totally buy these books, by the way).

Mermaid 2

The idea is that the Prince is soooooooo evil that he even has his own brand of cigarettes that are sold in Yeld.  And of course, all the cool monsters smoke Princes! in fact, Jenny was a big fan at one point…

Mermaid smokes

Anyway, the story behind all this is kind of weird. A few years ago Truth.com (the organization behind all those aggressive anti-tobacco industry ads) commissioned me to do a series of anti-smoking Modest Medusa comics that would appear on their site. The premise would be that the mermaid character (who back then didn’t have  a name or a personality other than “obnoxious smoker” would, with the help of the Medusa (who also didn’t have a name. This was really early on) realize that smoking was unhealthy and that cigarette companies were evil, and would quit the habit. I wrote about a half dozen strips before the project fell through. I never thought I’d use the material, but the best bit of it (yes, this is really the best of it) made it into this strip.

-I’ll be taking a few days off next week to take care of some Medusa related business and work on my next Ghost Kiss comic. I’m not sure if it will be a full week off or not, so you may get a strip from me on Friday. I will be posting some Ask Medusa stuff instead, so please check back!

-Jet City Comic Con wasn’t super profitable, but it was fun! I had a great time meeting new fans and catching up with some readers I haven’t seen in a few years! My sister Katie got to check out her first real con and see what I do, which was pretty cool. We had fun! Here’s some photos.


Me, Kate, and my table mates Jaymz and Kyle.

unnamed (1)

I borrowed some gear from a passing cosplayer for this photo.