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  1. Timothy C
    Timothy C

    Where do I get a print of this?

    • Jake

      I’ll probably have some available next year. Thanks for asking.

  2. auroki

    Everyone looking swank!

    Also legit forgot one of the other Medusa became a pirate! Might be time for a reread!

  3. Andrew

    And Jake isn’t at all weirded out by his 3 nieces, 2 of which being demons?

    • Jake

      This is pretty non-canon.

    • Jake

      Like, these are probably the ACTORS that play these characters, just chilling at the awards ceremony after party.

      • Darls Chickens
        Darls Chickens

        You sure? Looks to me like Jenny’s finally doing some sirening, trying to lure an unwary victim to his doom.

        Did the snakes get any votes?

        • Jake

          No votes for the snakes! I forgot to offer them as an option.

  4. Thorfinntk

    Love Monster Marah’s ‘What AM I doing here?’-look

    • Darls Chickens
      Darls Chickens

      I think she’s realizing it’s too late to duck the incoming splash.

  5. Dean

    What order did the Marahs come in the rankings?

    • Jake

      Classic, NSA, Monster

  6. Samuel Kiser
    Samuel Kiser

    This is a really neat piece!

  7. Icalasari

    Wait how does that suit even work? Did she get carried to the couch?

    • Mic

      Stretchy fabrics

  8. Opus the Poet

    I forget, who is the one-eyed blue person top left?

    • Jake

      Jenny the mermaid.

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