– Okay, so I actually accidentally wrote “Fleshlight” instead of “Flashlight” TWICE. I noticed the first one (I do proof read, really) and thought “What a funny mistake.” And then right before I was about to post I thought “I better double check to make sure I didn’t make that mistake twice.” And of course I did.

– This is based on a true story, kind of. My high school here in Portland was rumored to have a series of underground maintenance tunnels. My friends and I tried to find them and sneak in to them a whole bunch of times. It wasn’t until my senior year that I found them by accident. My theatre teacher asked me to take some stuff to a basement storage closet, and inside I found a small door that led into a tunnel system. A friend and I explored for about an hour, and nearly got lost in the dark.

Later I found out that the school at one point had a larger underground complex, including workshop rooms and a full sized pool. I didn’t see the pool myself, but apparently it was being used as storage for old desks and text books.

I thought my school was unique, but later as a teacher I discovered that a LOT of school buildings in Portland have underground tunnels. Some are for maintenance, some for storage and some are actually full classrooms, shop rooms, gym rooms and more. One school I worked at had a full weight room and showers, all sealed up. Another had tunnels connecting it to an elementary school a few blocks away.

I don’t know if this is common outside of Portland, but its actually really neat!

– My brother Nick and I are back from ECCC. The show was a real bear. Attendance was (understandably) really down this year, and attendees were just not buying anything. However, I got to see a bunch of friends and Modest Medusa and Yeld fans, and thats great! Nick and I also ate at our favorite Seattle restaurant, Kao Kao. And Modest Medusa Season 1 is now officially sold out and out of print. I’ll be announcing my new book plans for Modest Medusa early next year.

– This is the first year I’m not doing a Holiday Sale. I just don’t have time to organize it right now. However, I will be doing a New Year sale. So save your bucks for after Christmas!