– Red the Mermaid Assassin created by Ashley Grenstone!

– So I’m back after a week off for dental surgery. It was grueling. I had 7 teeth removed! All 4 of my wisdom teeth, which had been cracked and deteriorating for over 10 years and really needed to be removed since they were a source of constant pain. plus three of my very front top teeth, which were badly damaged in a skateboarding accident when I was a kid. Right now I have a temporary prosthetic that keeps me from looking like someone knocked all my teeth out. That will be replaced with a full permanent bridge in about a month after I have time to heal. So it was pretty extensive work. The surgery was quick but awful. There was no pain, but the sensation of having teeth ripped from my head is not something I’ll ever forget. Even with the drugs my mouth and jaw have been sore all week, and I haven’t eaten anything solid since Tuesday. I have a check up tomorrow and I’m hoping they’ll tell me that everything looks good, because the first thing I want to do after that is eat a sandwich. Anyway, thank you all for your patience. Being out of the studio for this long was hard, but I’m eager to get back to work!

– So apparently my friend Kyle was working on a guest comic for me, but was having a specific problem drawing Medusa. So my other friend Micah (I only have two friends in this story) did this comic about Kyle’s struggle to make a comic.

Micah guest comic about guest comics

– We’ll be releasing the 3rd issue of Combine (finally!) this Weds (the 6th)! The issue features new chapters of Ghost Kiss and Shutter Valley Record, plus an super-sized chapter of Devil Spy. It’s our biggest issue to date! You can subscribe to Combine through our Patreon. Digital subscriptions are just $5! Magazine Subscriptions are $12/issue, including shipping. That means that you get the 48 page full color over-sized comic delivered to your door!Become a patron by Weds to start your subscription with the newest issue. Or order back issues here.

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