My sister, Katie.

Anyway, the Kickstarter is in it’s last week. We’ve generated almost $8000, and there’s still 4 days to go! Thanks everyone! If we reach $10,000 I’ll be doing a  special 3 page story for the book introducing Medusa’s Mom. Even if we don’t reach that amount you guys have already donated enough to unlock all 4 of the bonus stories. The book will have 22 pages of extra never before seen comics, plus some other cool stuff! If you’re interested in getting a signed book with a sketch, a limited edition print, a walk on role in Season 2 or one of the other cool rewards, there’s still time to contribute!

Also, Noel Burns interviewed me about the Modest Medusa Kicksarter for his blog Kicking it Geek Style. Check it out!

If you live in Seattle come see me at the Jet City Comics Show on the 24th. I’ll be sharing a booth with Barry Deutsch (Hereville) and Ben Hsu (Dubious Company). I likely won’t have anything to sell you, but I’ll be happy to do a sketch for you and give you a Chocodile.

On the 1st and 2nd of Oct I’ll be sharing a booth with Ewen Cluney (Neko Machi) at APE!