-Oh man. Another late strip. This should have been up early this morning, but I fell asleep at the desk while lettering it, and didn’t wake up until just now! Really. I managed to sleep all night (and into the afternoon) at my desk. I guess I’m still tired from Gen Con.

-Gen Con was a pretty mixed bag. It was a lot of fun to see people and play games, and the con itself is huge, sprawling and distracting. Hanging out there for a week with Nick and Ben was really great. On the other hand, Gen Con has never really been receptive to the role playing games that Nick and I make, and for every really enthusiastic player or fan we met there were 5 or 6 who looked at us like we were trying to sell them crack and said stuff like “Ewww, that looks like anime”. So… yeah. We get much, much better responses at shows like Sakuracon and Kumoricon, and I’ve come to realize that gaming conventions are really just a waste of time for us. Our target audience just isn’t there.

Forget that though. The best part of Gen Con (besides meeting so many of you guys and running games of Panty Explosion, The Magical Land of Yeld and G x B for people who were actually excited for them) was buying stuff! Holy crap! There was a booth that sold dead CCG’s, and between Nick and I we must have spent $50 there. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but they were offering decks of 7th Sea, Warlord and .Hack/Enemy for $2 each! We’re going to be playing soooooo much 7th Sea over the next few months! I also got to pick up the new Super Dungeon Explore set (as well as a set of Hirst Arts molds to make some custom SDE boards), a few Infinity figures, a couple of old Confrontation models, some new anime (which I’ll post about later), some Palladium Robotech books and a cool board game with pirates and ninja and cowboys and stuff. I’m blanking on the name, but I’ll tell you all about it after I play it. It looks great!

– Conventions! I’ll be at PAX in Seattle on the first of Sept doing a panel. I’ll post more info on that soon. I’ll also be at Kumoricon in Vancouver on the 2nd and 3rd sharing a booth with Ben Hsu. We have a panel on Sunday, and we’ll be in the artist alley all weekend selling Modest Medusa and Dubious Company stuff. i’ll be doing free sketches all weekend too, so come get one!

– Have you heard of Tenra Bansho Zero? It’s a huge Japanese trpg that’s being published in English by a friend of mine. I’ve never got to play (because it’s previously only been available in Japanese, and I don’t speak the language), but my friend Kaz recently gave me copies of the original books, and they’re full of really cool art and neat design work. The English language version is in the middle of a successful Kickstarter right now. The reason you should contribute, besides getting the game, is that one of the stretch goals (which has already been met) includes an illustrated replay by me! A replay is an illustrated transcript of a game session that’s meant to show what it’s like to play the game. I’ll be doing a bunch of comic pages and illustrations for this project, and it should be really cool!

– Gift art! Here’s some great chalk drawing by RinbowBoobies (here and here). These are on her wall! Also, Here’s an illustration by RavenPuff, who bought the Modest Medusa book at Gen Con and liked it so much that she came back the next day with this great drawing! Thanks!