– I’ll be at Animania! at the Fort Vancouver Library this weekend doing a panel on comics and self publishing (at noon). Please come by and say hi! There’s also a a Super Smash Bros. tournament, a cosplay contest and some cool craft stuff happening. Should be fun!

– Christopher Baldwin has launched his Kickstarter for the new volume of his excellent comic Space Trawler. I don’t really know Christopher, but I’m plugging this Kickstarter anyway (and plan on pledging big) because Space Trawler is pretty much the best comic ever. If you lie Modest Medusa I’m willing to bet you’ll love Space Trawler. Check out the Kickstarter here.

–  The July sale continues! Get both Modest Medusa hardcover books for just $28. That’s a $6 savings! I’m also including a pack of stickers with each order. Click here to visit the store!

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