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  1. Master Geass
    Master Geass

    I never did play Metal Gear Solid. I mostly know of it from Super Smash Bros.

    • YujoJacyCoyote

      Beyond Super Smash Bros. I only played Ape Escape 3’s spoof minigame of it ^^’.

  2. Nikary Flare
    Nikary Flare

    Wow, that was nice of her.

  3. Andrew

    Anyone else seeing the irony in this? All the promo art has her naked.

    • Michael

      all about setting & socialization. no worries, being an unclothed medusa in a medusa setting. In a little-humans setting, being unclothed matters. *Extremely* analogous to being under dressed or over dressed for – the theater / a dive bar, within our familiar society.

  4. Ophidiophile

    Appearing naked in front of the class? Isn’t that only supposed to happen in nightmares?

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