– In case you were wondering, Kate already knew that Marah was still alive before watching this video. Jake and Will immediately called her and told her about their encounter with the Ghost, and Jake called her again after Modest came back and showed him the video and told him about seeing Marah. So she’s already over her surprise by.

– Reminder! I’ll be at Raincon in Forks, WA this Saturday. Come see me! I’ll have cool Modest Medusa and Yeld stuff for sale, and Nick and I will be running a Yeld game that you can try out!

I’m down to the very last box of hardcover Modest Medusa Season 1 books. I printed 3000, and now I have just 35 left. With two conventions this month i expect to be sold out by the end of June, so if you’d like to get a copy this is probably your last chance. From now on my plan is to just reprint in softcover. The book is available from the Modest Medusa store for just $15. if you order a copy I’ll sign it and add in a little medusa sketch!