I’m super excited to announce that my brother Nick and I have launched a new Patreon for our role playing game The Magical Land of Yeld. Starting this month Nick and I will be creating and posting monthly Yeld content for Patreon backers. We’ll be releasing new rules, art and background content every month, including new Monster Gangs, Holidays, Spell Books, Mentors, Item Sets and more! Our first offering is the Black Mage Job Guide, available now! We’re designing this content to be easy to add to your games, so you have something fun and new to use each month!

Nick and I have a whole world of content and ideas we’re eager to bring to our game. Your monthly support frees us to focus on producing this content. For $3 a month you’ll get fun brand new content, including all of our new expansions, and we’ll get the security of regular funding! We hope you think this is as good a deal as we do! Here’s the link to the Yeld Patreon!