Today’s guest strip is by my friend Kevin Moore. Kevin is the creator of Wonderlost, which is totally awesome.  Kevin has always been really supportive of Modest Medusa, and without his encouragement I probably would have gave up on the strip very early on. So thanks Kevin!

Oh, the mysterious girls in panel three are my downstairs neighbors Maddox and Sydney, who appeared in the Pokemon Line strip and are partially who Medusa is based on. They’ll show up in the comic again eventually.

What else… oh, I’ll be at PAX this weekend promoting my games at the Gamma Ray Games booth and sitting on the “Creating and designing tabletop role playing games” panel (Friday, 4:30 pm at the Raven theater). Come by and say hi!

The big announcement that I was hoping to share on Monday will have to wait a few days, since involved parties are dragging their heals. If we’re lucky I’ll be able to post the news tomorrow or Friday. If not, check back Monday.