Ladies and gents, Mike Urano!

Book update: Good news and bad news. The good news is that the books are starting to go out the door. The first ones went in the post last Friday and I sent another small stack off yesterday. So some of you might actually have yours now! The bad news is that the whole process is taking MUCH, MUCH longer then I thought it would. I was hoping to have all 300 kickstarter books in the mail on Monday, but I’m finding that signing and doing a sketch in a book takes about 10 minutes, and doing 300 of them… well, do the math.  So the bad news is that the books are not going out as fast as I’d like. The good news is that they are going out, and I have friends who are helping me out with the packaging and addressing parts to make the whole process faster. My new goal is to just keep pushing these things out as fast as I can and do my best to have everything  out the door well before the end of the month. So if you like in the US look for your books this week and next week. If you live overseas, it’ll probably take a bit longer.

Also, if you’re planning on being in portland this weekend don’t miss the Modest Medusa signing at Cosmic Monkey!