– This is the 1000th Modest Medusa strip (not counting all the extra strips I’ve done for books and odds and ends stuff). I remember reaching strip 25 and being amazed that I made it that far, an imagining that the comic would probably end somewhere around strip 200. Its been just over 9 years, which is… so long. Longer than any job I’ve ever had. Its also seemed to go by so quickly. Everything is so fast now.

Thank you all so much for reading this long. Thank you all for your support. I never wanted to do anything but make comics, and by the time I started Modest Medusa I thought that was impossible, and any chance I had to be happy doing what I loved had vanished years before. Its been a challenge making ends meet while working on this comics, but your support has made that possible, and I’d rather be poor and doing what I love than… well, poor and doing a job I hate. So thank you all. So much.

Modest Medusa Season 7 will be starting next month. It’ll be… different. I hope you’ll like it. In the meantime I have some really great guest strips to share over the next week or two, and the Kickstarter for the Modest Medusa Season 5 book (Modest goes to school!) will start early next month!