-I’ll be at Jet City Comic Con in Tacoma next weekend (Oct 31st/Nov 1st)/ I’ll be sharing a table with the Combine team, so come by and see us!

-Here’s a cute Modest by Jaymz Bernard (of Combine’s Devil Spy). Jaymz drew this last weekend while we were at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo!

Jaymz Medusa

So a few years ago I wrote (and drew) an rpg called Ocean. It’s a sci-fi/mystery/suspense rpg about people who wake up in a mysterious abandoned underwater research station and can’t remember who they are, how they got there or whats going on. If you’ve seen the first episode of Dark Matter or the movie Pandorum than you know the premise. Anyway, Ocean is my favorite game that I’ve written. It’s scary to play (I think) and requires intense player cooperation to solve the mysteries and escape the station, which is countered by the fact that only some of the player characters can survive the game. This is also the first game where I started using comics to explain the game

Ocean 2

Ocean is available as part of the new Bundle of Holding. For about $17.00 you can get a collection of 11 horror themed games, including Don’t Rest Your Head, Murderous Ghosts, Dread, The Final Girl and more! A portion of all sales goes to charity too, which is nice!

If you love role playing games please consider checking this out. It’s amazing deal for a bunch of great digital games! Here’s the link!