Well, I managed to miss two Weds updates in a row! I’ve already got the Monday update done and ready to go though, so at least I’m ahead on that!

Anyway, since Season 2 is getting close to being done I’m trying my best to cram as many guest stars in as possible. Pawel Goj, Fiona and Monty and the rest were all high level contributors to the Season 1 Kickstarter, and all were promised a guest appearance in Season 2. Some, like Mike Urano, ended up with a  big role. Others, like Pawel, got a smaller walk on role. Sorry! Luck of the draw!

Convention! Ben Hsu (of Dubious Company) and I will be at AOD (Anime on Display) in San Francisco Feb 18th and 19th. Check out our Dubious Medusa panel on Saturday and make sure to stop by our booth to get your copy of Modest Medusa Season 1 or Ben’s brand new Dubious Company book!