– I’m watching Jessica Jones right now and it reminded me that Modest is actually dressed like Luke Cage in this scene. Which was on purpose. The first time I drew her in this outfit (I don’t remember when that was) I decided it was her Luke Cage outfit. So that’s kind of fun!

– My friend Elaine is in the middle of her Kickstarter for the new volume of her Peter Pan manga. It’s worth checking out, even if you’re not a fan of the source material. You may remember Elaine from one of several Modest Medusa guest strips she’s done over the years. You may also know her from Tales of a Gajin, Dubious Company, Princess Retribution, her awesome Dragon Age Inquisition fan comics or one of teh other 30 comics she does. She’s a prolific creator that deserves your support.  You can get the book pledge for $20, or get caught up with both books for $40! Please check it out!