Sorry for the delay. For the 3rd time this month I got sick, and wasn’t able to come into work. It feels like I’ve been sick nearly every other week this year. I really, really hope this is the end of it!

I thought you all might like to see the art form the recent Yeld release for Patreon. Tunnel Town is located in the Oracle Caves deep beneath Prince Dragul’s castle. Its where all the Medusa Sisters that escaped from the Gorgon live. Many of the tunnels under the castle are too narrow for the Gorgon, so lucky Medusas have been able to slip away (or just get lost). The very first found a cave big enough for a small town. She called herself Tunnel Lord, and snuck back to her mother in order to rescue her sisters one at a time. its dangerous work, but over the years Tunnel Lord has rescued dozens of her sisters, and Tunnel Town has grown bigger and bigger!

After the death of Prince Dragul the Gorgon has also been defeated. She still lives in the tunnels under the castle, but she keeps to herself and no longer hunts her own daughters. Tunnel Lord has decided she wants to introduce her town to the rest of Yeld. So she’s hosting a big party! TunnelFest!!! Featuring…

Tunnel Mummy Costume Contest!
The citizens of Tunnel Town have to deal with Tunnel Mummies all the time, so they know what a quality Mummy looks like!

Festival Sash decoration station!
Everyone who comes to the festival gets a free Sash, but only the cool people get theirs decorated. Tunnel Lord, herself has set up a special decoration station so attendees can create a memorable Sash of their own.

Mud Sculpture Competition!
An art competition judged by the Fairy Innkeeper Broth and his 2 young Hydra protégé, Chowder and Bisque. Broth is a phenomenal mud sculptor, and has helped Chowder and Bisque develop their own unique styles.

Hissy Elliot’s Midnight Musings!
A Poetry Slam orchestrated by Tunnel Town’s very own Hissy Elliot. As a young Hydra, Hissy only recently learned how to read and write, so most of her work is spoken word only.

Fortune Telling Booth!
Get a psychic reading from a self proclaimed “Serpent Oracle”. This teen Hydra claims she can see into the past, present, and future. She’s only mildly convincing, but really adorable.

The art of unlocking your true potential!
A free lecture and demonstration from the famous warrior Meanest Medusa about how to utilize training montages and unlock your true combat potential.

Oracle Caves Painting Party!
All attendees are invited to grab some paint, find a wall or ceiling, and paint their favorite moments from TunnelFest all over the Oracle Caves!

A Muddy Mosh Pit Dance Party!
Special musical guest Goblin Hit Squad closes out TunnelFest with an excellent performance and three encores!