– Happy Monday everyone! Its suddenly Fall here in Portland. Super hot on Saturday, raining cold and overcast on Sunday. Honest;y, thats how I prefer it (at least for part of the year).

– My new Kickstarter launched this weekend and I’d really appreciate your support. We had an okay first 3 days and we’re about 1/3 funded, but I’m really hoping we can reach our goal this week. The project is called Mermaid Hunters and its a starter set for the Yeld RPG my brother and I released last year. The set comes in a box like a board game (and includes a board and pieces) and is perfect for kids ad people who are new to gaming. In the game you play kids (and their dog) from our world who discover a magical door to Yeld and come face to face with a gang of mermaids.

I think the project is a lot of fun, and we made sure to make it affordable (the game is just $35) so that its easy to try out and makes a great gift! You can check out the Kickstarter here. I’d really appreciate your support!