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– It’s been snowing and super cold all week here in Portland, making getting out and around pretty difficult. Running some unavoidable errands early in the week led to me being really sick for the rest of the week. I’m still getting over it. It sucks. This is the kind of sick where I just can’t seem to get anything done at all. I’ve spent hours this week at my desk trying to write and draw, but barely have anything to show for it. It’s frustrating.

I did experience something that may have been an… extra-normal… event last night. Over a short period of time I woke up (with no memory of going to sleep or changing location) in several different rooms within my house, one of which I didn’t recognize at all. Or rather, within what appeared to be alternate versions of my house, each one differing slightly from the house I know (one was missing a room that was constructed shortly before I moved in. Another had been repainted and had different furniture). It was a scary experience, and I was left with the certainty that I’d passed through several alternate realities (where my home was slightly or drastically different) before returning to a reality that is very close but not quite the one I came from. I also feel like I was being monitored the entire time. The event lasted somewhere between 3 and four hours. While I’m mostly inclined to think it was an extremely vivid dream (of course), the amount of sleep walking that must have happened is really absurd (and as far as I know I’ve never sleep walked before). And there’s an artifact.