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  1. Greenwood Goat
    Greenwood Goat

    Gina: …And… another Lego Batgirl… thank you. … And… what’s this one at the back here? How did it get here? Never mind, it’s *unwrap* a… complete Lego bat-cave! I didn’t know they even made these! This is better than all the rest of your presents combined! MUCH better!

    Guests: 🙁

    Prince Dragul: *watches through viewing portal thing* *SMUG MALICE* *malevolent chuckle* Now… *turns to survey throne room* I shall next create… a scale model of this palace! Vargas! Fetch me some more black Lego bricks! And have a space cleared in the corner over there! *supervillain pose*


  2. gnrrrg

    There could have been two Batgirl Legos, but once again nobody listened to the good advice.

    With one kit all they can play is Lord of the Rings, because Batgirl is a Lego lass.

  3. ColdFusion

    I wonder, was that a typo for “i haven’t played this IN forever” or does she actually mean that, unlike other games, she hasn’t played it forever already?

    • Jake

      Typo, sadly.

      • Ophidiophile

        No, Jake, just say that’s how she talks. Nobody expects kids to follow every single rule of English.

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