– Happy Halloween! Well, it’s a day early. This year Modest, Marah and Jake are dressing up as the characters from the webcomic October 20th (Medusa is Rai, Marah is Catherine and Jake is Ansgar)! I was invited to participate in this Halloween webcomics link by Caleb Child of Mischief in Maytai. the idea is simple. I draw my characters dressed as the guys from someone elses comic, and someone else will do the same for me. This year the characters from Doodling Around are dressing up as the cast of Modest Medusa. Go check it out, it’s totally great! Anyway, this ended up being a lot of fun. I had never read October 20th or Doodling Around, but both are totally fantastic and now part of my regular reading list!

– We were in the middle of a big scene, weren’t we? Story continues on Friday!