– Here’s another guest strip, this time by my friend Kevin Moore. Kevin was one of the people who inspired me to start making webcomics. We shared a studio space before Modest Medusa started, and watching Kevin work on Wanderlost encouraged me to start doing my thing. Kevin’s support, encouragement and feedback over the last 9 years has been really amazing, and theres been more than once that I may have done into a real slump without him. i highly recommend Fetch, Kevin’s current comic.

Our mutual friend Barry Deutsch is the subject of this comic. Barry is the creator of the super award winning comic series Hereville (which I worked on as a colorist). He’s also my housemate. I originally decided not to include Barry in Modest Medusa as one of the housemate characters because we look superficially similar, and I didn’t want to confuse the readers with two characters with black hair and beards. But so many of my friends and family members have made it into the comic now that Barry’s absence has become weirdly conspicuous.

– As you can probably tell, I’m stalling a little before starting the new Modest Medusa season. I’m trying something new this time, writing the entire season ahead of time. Thats not something I’ve done before, and its become a little more complicated than I imagined. Thankfully I have these guest strips to fill up space! Hopefully I’ll have everything written and ready to go soon, but there might be another week or two of filler.