Convention: Modest Medusa is coming to AoD (Anime on Display) in  San Francisco Feb 18th and 19th! Ben Hsu (of Dubious Company) and I will be hosting the Dubious Medusa Panel on Saturday at 11am, ansering questions and talking about creating webcomics, self publishing, and cool stuff liek medusas and pirates! We’ll also be sharing a table all weekend long with Ewen Cluney of Neko Machi and Nick Smith of Tulip Academy! Come by and say hi, get a free sketch or buy a t-shirt or book!

Books: Most of the Kickstarter books are now in the mail, so if you haven’t recieved your yet, look for it very soon. There are stilla few people who I haven’t been able to et an address from, and i’ve had a few books returned to me as well, so if you don’t see you book in the next week and your wondering what happened… well, first check your email to see if I’ve been trying to get in touch with you, then send me an email! The other exception is Jamie Yakeleya, who contributed enough to the Kickstarter to secure the original cover art for the book. The art is currently waiting to be picked up at the frame shop down the street, so with luck it’ll be in the mail today! Sorry for the wait everyone! It’s kind of funny, but now that the whole thing is finally doen I have a pretty good system set up for handling large volumes of shipping. I think next time the whole process will go much, much faster!