– This is kind of filler but not really. My schedule is still wonky from the heatwave, but I expect I’ll be posting my third strip this week either tonight or on Saturday. So in the meantime here’s My Little Pony Medusa. I know some of you hate MLP with the fury of one thousand burning suns, but I kind of like it and I know some of you REALLY like it, so here you go. Why now? Wasn’t MLP super popular like 3 years ago? Yeah, but one of my Patreon patrons specifically asked for it, and you can do that kind of stuff when you give me money every month. So this is the July sticker of the month for Patreon backers! (and you can check out my Patreon here, by the way).


– I just finished up my newest Korra fan comic. You can read the whole thing here. The rest of the internet seems to like it, so you might too.

– Don’t forget to check out my ebay auction for Modest Medusa original art! This week I’m offering Modest as Bee from Bee & Puppycat (which is great and something you should watch if you haven’t already). You can check out the auction here.

Bee color2