-Here’s Friday’s strip, but a little late! Sorry. Expect Monday’s strip on time!


-I know some of you enjoy roleplaying games, so this might interest you. My psychic school girl rpg Tokyo Brain Pop is available as part of the current Bundle of Holding. The Bundle includes a bunch of Manga, anime and Japanese horror flavored games, including some of my favorites like Motobushido, Clover, Maid and Mecha. It’s 10 role playing games (in digital form) in total, valued at over $100, but on sale for less than $20. So it’s a great deal. Tokyo Brain Pop was the game I was working on when I started Modest Medusa, so the art, comics and writing all have the same tone. If you’re an RPG fan and you like my work you’ll probably dig the game! You can check out the Bundle of Holding here. The deal ends on the 27th.