Since some of you were asking about Toothfacers, here’s the Toothfacer entry from the new Yeld book:

Toothfacers are strange creatures whose origins are heavily disputed. Many scholars believe that the first Toothfacers were born of experiments with Black Magic. Others say that the old Witches captured the ghosts of the ancient King’s People who died during the fall of Loh Tabeth, trapping their souls in crude artificial bodies. Fairies say that the first Toothfacers predate the arrival of the King’s People in Yeld, although no one knows for sure.

We do know how a Toothfacer is created. The “Toothfacer Ritual’’ draws magical energy from Yeld itself into a prepared vessel. Due to the nature of the ritual it’s difficult to say whether a ghost is actually trapped in the vessel. Rather, most magical scholars suspect that the magical energy includes remnants from many long dead souls that were absorbed by Yeld’s magic centuries ago. The vessel can be made from any number of materials, including leather, animal skins, cloth, or even rubber, although sturdy burlap has become by far the most common (possibly because burlap is easy to repair and replace). The vessel is filled with insects of all kinds, and sometimes the meat and organs of other creatures, although it is not clear if this step is necessary. At the height of the ritual the vessel is sewn shut and sealed inside an underground chamber, commonly a cellar, basement or tomb. After a full season, the chamber is opened, and with a sharp knife eye and mouth holes are cut into the vessel’s face. The newly born Toothfacer comes to life, its insect filled burlap body stumbling from the chamber.

Newly born Toothfcers are intelligent and capable of speech, but are often child-like. Very often, the most powerful emotion they feel at this stage of life is fear. They need the comfort and acceptance of community and friends. Unfortunately, many Toothfacers are abandoned by their creators either before they are born or shortly after, and have to find their own way alone in life. Many new Toothfacers are desperate and confused, and retreat into the wilderness or end up hurting people. Because of this, Toothfacers have a reputation as monsters and bandits in many parts of Yeld.

In fact, gangs of bandit Toothfacers aren’t uncommon. Many Toothfacers form communities in the wilderness away from other people of Yeld, and live as robbers or sell their services as mercenaries. Some Toothfacer communities live as farmers or hunters, and trade with nearby towns and villages. Of course, many Toothfacers also live among the other people of Yeld in cities and towns, and work in all kinds of professions.

Just like their origins, no one exactly knows where Toothfacers get their name. Although it almost certainly has to do with their love of teeth. Toothfacers are absolutely obsessed with teeth, although they can never say why. Toothfacers have no teeth of their own, but will often collect and trade for the teeth of animals, monsters and even other people. Toothfacers hoard these teeth and trade them with each other. Some even eat them. In fact, very often a Tooithfacer will be as full with teeth as bugs! Stories of Toothfacers who will sneak into homes at night and pry out children’s teeth for a tasty treat are often told to frighten the children of Yeld. Unfortunately, these stories are sometimes true.

Toothfacer communities often come together to perform the Toothfacer Ritual to create more of their kind. This is where most Toothfacers come from. Toothfacers have no sex at all. However, Toothfacers, especially those who live among other peoples of Yeld, often develop romantic feelings and sexual attractions, and many choose to adopt a gender (or try out several). It is very common for Toothfacers to model their gender and sexuality on the King’s People they know and admire. Many Toothfacers are non-binary, genderfluid or asexual