3 things!

1st, The Kickstarter is going great, but I still need your help. We’re stalling out around $8, 300, and if we want to see some of those extra comic stretch goals we’ve really got to pick up the pace. I know a lot of you have gone out of your way to donate and help spread the word. Thank you so much. You’re the reason we got this far! I know some of you just can’t afford to contribute. Please, don’t worry about it. Don’t spend any money you can’t afford to spend! Just talking about the Kickstarter with your friends, or on your facebook or blog helps a lot. I also know that some of you are on the fence. You’re not sure if you want to get the book or not. Let me win you over!

The Season 1 book, which came out early this year and is currently available from my store, is the very best way to read Modest Medusa. Sure, you’ve already read the comic here on the site, but the book something else.

– A fair amount of the strips have been updated. Some have been redrawn or recolored. A lot of spelling mistakes were fixed. This isn’t really a huge deal, but it means that the book version of Modest Medusa is just better than the webcomic version.

– Most strips include commentary. Some of this is stuff you’ve read on the site, but a lot of it’s new stuff, and I’ve been told that at least some of it is pretty funny.

– The Season 1 book contains a 10 page bonus comic called Ghost Story. This is a comic, not a series of strips. It’s about how Jake meets the Ghost that haunts his mother’s house. This is the same Ghost we later meet in Season 2, and this story will become even more relevant in Season 3 and 4! You don’t NEED to read this story to get what happens in the rest of the comic, but it’s a good story, and it’s important to the overall plot.

– Even more important are the five extra 3 page strips included in the book. The strips featuring the Snakes and Charles are mostly just for fun, but the strips featuring the Chainsaw Unicorn take place right after Season 1 and introduce two character that will become important in Season 3. The  Mermaid strips and the “Momdusa” strips are even more important. These take place directly after Jake is pulled into the toilet at the end of Season 1 and explain what happened to him and why we haven’t seen him in Season 2 at all! I talked about this a bit in the comments section earlier this week, and then went back and edited the comments because I realized that only about 500 of you have read those strips, and for the rest of you it’s a pretty big spoiler.

Anyway, the strips and comics from the Season 1 book together are over 25 pages of content, which is like a quarter of a full Season! Now ask yourself, do you want to miss a quarter Season of Modest Medusa? And the Season 2 book will be similarly packed with comics. In fact, the big 10 page story for this book is so cool that when Marah and the Pirates finally show up in Season 3 you’re going to be glad you read it! That’s why you should buy the books!

2nd, we’re having an art contest! WHOOOO! Draw any character from Modest Medusa, post it somewhere along with a link to this site (you can mention the Kickstarter too, if you want) and send me a link to it! I’ll choose the three I like the best to appear as pin ups in the Season 2 book (complete with the artists name and contact info)! My favorite of the three will win a signed copy of the book! The deadline for the contest is the 18th of this month. I’ll announce the winner and post links to all the entries on the 22nd!

3rd, here’s another Kickstarter you should support. It’s a cool comic that needs your help! Catgirls and stuff! I dig it the most! Only 48 hours, so don’t wait! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1072708010/caribbean-blue-volume-one