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– I launched my Patreon page on Monday and so far the response has been great. We’re already close to our first Milestone goal and almost half way to the second one! Thanks so much everyone! If you’re interested in contributing you can check out my Patreon page here. If you want to read more about why I’ve decided to use Patreon and how this will all work you can check out the post I made on Monday.

Here’s a look at this months Medusa sticker. Since I’ve been playing Zelda: A Link between Worlds so much I decided to have Medusa dress up as that game’s version of Link. Normally I’ll only be doing one sticker each month, but since this is the first month of the sticker club I’ve decided I want to do a little extra as a thank you to you guys. I’m including an extra sticker of Medusa dressed as Princess Hilda of Lorule. I think she makes a great Hilda! Both of these stickers will be sent to backers who have pledged $25/month or more.

Link and Hilda