– I’m launching a Patreon page today. I’ve been thinking about Patreon since I was in the hospital last month and I think this is the right direction for both myself and Modest Medusa. I’ve created a comic to explain what this is all about, but first I want to say that Modest Medusa will always be free to read. That won’t ever change. Here’s the comic:

Patreon comic


Okay, so what is Patreon? Patreon is a way for my readers, friends and fans to give me direct financial support by becoming a Patron. As a Patron you’ll choose an amount to give for every month of comics that I make. You’ll get billed at the end of the month, and I’ll get that money (minus a very small amount that goes to Patreon).

Do I have to contribute? Nope! Patreon is there for people who want to support my comic work and can afford to give a little money every month. It’s absolutely not mandatory and you shouldn’t feel like you have to give. I know that some of you like to support my work by buying my books. Some of you click on my ads, share my facebook posts and tweets, vote for Modest Medusa on Top Web Comics or recommend the comic to your friends. Patreon is another option for people looking for ways to support Modest Medusa.

Why do you need the money? I’m pretty poor. That’s not a secret. My recent medical problems and hospital stay have introduced new expenses to my life. I’m finding that I’m spending more time than I want to working to pay the bills and far less time than I’d like making comics. Patreon will help me pay some of my bills, giving me more free time to make more comics for you all to enjoy!

What is a “Month of comics”? I’m doing a monthly Patreon campaign, which means I’m asking for contributions for every month of comics I make. You all know that some months I make more comics than others. My goal is to be making at least 10 comics a month, with an average of 12-15. Β These will mostly be Modest Medusa comics, but I’m hoping to also start posting Ghost Kiss comics every now and then, plus some other cool stuff! If I don’t produce at least 10 pages in a month my Patrons won’t be charged for that month!

What do we get out of it? The big benefit of this Patreon campaign is that I’ll be able to make more comics. That’s a benefit for everyone, whether you choose to give or not. I’ve also introduced several Milestone goals. If we reach certain amounts of monthly giving I can afford to do some cool stuff like get rid of the ads on this site, do a regular live drawing thing or even a monthly 24 hour comic.

I’m also offering some Rewards for people who want to give generous amounts each month. These aren’t extravagant gifts, but small things to let you know that I appreciate your support. I want to focus on making neat comics for everyone instead of providing exclusive content for just a few people. You can find out more about Milestone Goals and Rewards on my Patreon page.

Will there be special “Patron only” stuff? Not really. The Milestone goals are set up to provide new content for everyone. Some of the Rewards include stuff like wallpapers and stickers, but I’ll be posting that art for everyone to see. So don’t feel like you’ll be missing comics if you decide not to become a Patron.

How much should I give? Any amount of money is appreciated, really. Even 50 cents or a dollar a month will help out. You can pay by card or paypal. You can also cancel your monthly payments at any time if you need to.

I want to help out but I can’t afford to be a Patron! That’s okay. Patreon isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. Please don’t contribute if you can’t afford to. Recommending Modest Medusa to a friend is a great way to show your support for free!

Will you still use Kickstarter? Yes I will! Kickstarter and Patreon are very different things. I’ll continue to use Kickstarter to raise money to print books and do other large projects.

Anything else? Patreon will be a part of this comic from now on. I’ll be talking about it from time to time and there will be a small ad on this site directing people to the Patreon page. Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions!


Thanks guys!

– Jake