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  1. Timothy

    Please tell me you’re going to turn this into a sticker for sale or in a kickstarter? this is brilliant.

    • jakerichmond

      I may make this available for sale later. Or on a shirt.

  2. Nikary Flare
    Nikary Flare

    This might be a wider problem? Another comic I know (specifically, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic) seems to be down too, and I think it was on WordPress too? (can’t confirm right now, it’s showing me error 404)

    • jakerichmond

      Maybe? I believe it was a security update that broke my site. I think thats what the host told me. The version of Comicpress I use is absolutely ancient and has been modified several times. Its no longer compatible with pretty much anything. Talking to other comic people the last few days, it seems like a lot of us are running really old Comicpress or Comiceasal. There’s no modern update for either, so sites are starting to run into problems.

      I’m looking at some different options, and listening to advice. But I’m not really sure what to do yet.

  3. Scorpinac

    Modest, did you read the Darkhold when you were specifically told not to?

    • jakerichmond

      She’s not going to NOT read a cool glowy book.

  4. Pencil Tornado
    Pencil Tornado

    Mermaid school is super effective.

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