– Happy Halloween! I hope you all have a great, safe weekend!

Vat Ass Medusa

– Caleb Child once again invited me to participate in his yearly Halloween themed wbcomic costume party thing. This year Modest is dressed as a Vatican Assassin from the fantastic webcomic Vatican Assassins! It’s a great manga style series and I totally recommend it! So how this works is that I draw Modest dressed as the guys from someone elses comic, and someone else will do the same for me. This year the characters from Blitz Phoenix are dressing up as the cast of Modest Medusa. Go check it out, it’s totally great!

– And since it’s Halloween and the new Avengers trailer is everywhere I thought I’d have Modest dress as Captain America for the October sticker of the month!

Captain America MedusaThe sticker of the month is a special perk for Patreon backers. You can find out more and learn how you can support the Modest Medusa Patreon here!

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