– No new Medusa today. Instead, I’ve finally gotten around to coloring all the old black and white pages that never got colored! So that’s 32 pages! I’ve been meaning to do this forever, and now I finally have the chance. I also re-drew 3 of the pages. Here’s the full list of updated colored pages. Most of these are from Season 3, but I’ve also updated the first dozen strips. Jaymz Bernard helped out coloring several of the strips. Check them out and tell me what you think!

Season 1:

Christmas Eve

Closet Monster



Sneaky Snake



Heroes of Light

The Whole Box!

A magical land…

Danger! Danger!

Random Encounter

3 AM

Late Night Pee

A what?

Chocodile (I guess there were two strips titled Chocodile)

Season 3:

The Mystery of Food

The Secret of Chocodiles

Closet Herd

Long Sheep (re-drawn)

Sheep is what’s for dinner

Where sheep come from (re-drawn)

No escape (re-drawn)

How do you spell…


Are we going yet?


You can only do that trick once!

Seared Pirate

The Escape Boat

The End is Near

Dramatic Carlos


– My friend Matt Bogart is doing a Kickstater for a hardcover color version of his graphic novel The Chair’s Hiatus. The Chair’s Hiatus is one of my favorite comics an I’d really want this Kickstarter to be successful for Matt, so please check it out! It is totally worth it. Trust me!

– Modest Medusa Patreon month continues! We’re still at $618, but there’s 9 days left in the month and I bet we can get closer to the $800 goal. Every dollar helps!  Your Patreon contributions help me pay my rent, buy food and give me financial freedom to spend time making art instead of doing crap day work. Even small contributions really help.

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