– I’ll be on KBOO.fm radio tomorrow at around… 11:30AM? With Barry Deutsch and Adrian Wallace talking about the new Hereville book and Modest Medusa. Check it out!

24 hour kickstarter image

I’ve just launched a new Kickstarter to produce a book collecting my 24 Hour Modest Medusa comics (with a special stretch goal to create a brand new 24 Hour comic featuring the secret origin of Jake). This Kickstarter lasts just 3 days and ends on Friday night. If the Kickstarter is successful my plan is to produce and ship these books within 24 days! Please check it out!

One of the special rewards I’m offering for this Kickstarter is skecthbooks full of original art. I’m offering 3 of these 36 page sketch books. Each one features original Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss art, plus plenty of other neat stuff!