– You can see a larger sideways version of this strip here.

– I figured out Q. Thanks for all the suggestions.

– I’m doing a t-shirt for the Motobushi Kickstarter. This is an rpg about motorcycle samurai designed by my friend Nathanael Cole and illustrated by my other friend Rich Marcks. I’m drawing a Medusa Samurai shirt for the Kickstarter. I’ll post the art later this week. You can get the shirt by supporting the Kickstarter for $30. I promise it’ll be sweet. Find out about the Motobushi Kickstater here and about the Medusa Samurai shirt here.

– I’m going to the opera tonight. Portland Opera does a thing where they invite artists to come and see the show, eat some food, draw some pictures and tweet about it. So I’m heading out to see Don Giovanni. Neat. I’ll post my Opera drawings later this week. Unless they suck. Anyway, if you want to see the show Portland Opera is offering 50% off for next Thursday’s tickets. That’s 11/8. Here’s the link. Password is Mozart. Enjoy!