Strip 150! Hey!

Modest Medusa Fanfic! So there’s a fan fiction gift exchange thing that happens every year called Yuletide. I’ve never participated and don’t know much about it, but some friends of mine do. My understanding is that participants volunteer to anonymously write a story for other participants. Each participant gets to put in a list of possible fics they’d like to receive, and then choose to write something from another participants list. All the stories are posted on Christmas. Pretty cool! This year someone (I have no idea who) requested a Modest Medusa story, and my friend (who I guess has to remain anonymous for now) took up the challenge.  As far as I know this is the first ever MM fanfic, and it’s written by someone who knows both Charles and I well (although not Marah). Anyway, it’s totally great and you can read it here. Please leave comments!

Unrelated story (warning:contains vomit): So my brother Will decided that his Christmas gift to me (in addition to some towels) would be to come with me to the gym twice a week and work out with me. I had bought a gym membership a few months ago and only gone twice, so…

Anyway, we went in early on Tuesday for an hour long work out.  Bikes and weights and the weird walking machines with poles attached to them. I’m pretty out of shape and Will isn’t, so this was pretty grueling for me. I wasn’t feeling great by the end of the hour, but I also wasn’t feeling that bad. Winded and aching, but not sick. Will insisted that we go get something to eat immediately. At the  Jack in the Box across the parking lot he ordered 2 burgers and some fries. I wasn’t hungry at all, but Will insisted that I eat something and ordered me some grilled chicken strips.

Okay… grilled chicken strips at Jack in the Box? It’s tofu wrapped in a condom.  Everything about it, texture, taste, slimy skin… it was the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. I once ate sheep eyes,a nd this was way worse. I only actually ate about a strip and a half before I gave up on it. It was gross and I just wasn’t hungry.

On the way back to the car, right in the middle of saying something I coughed, and a spurt of vomit just came out of my mouth. It was the weirdest thing. I didn’t feel like I had vomited, it was just a cough. We stood there for a minute, and Will asked if I was okay, and if it was the Chicken. I opened my mouth to reply and a stream of vomit flew through the air. It was amazing. It was like the scene from Stand by Me. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all,a nd in fact the moment it started I felt immensely better. The thing is, it didn’t stop. I’d throw up for 5 or 6 seconds, take a deep breath, and do it again! Heeeerrrruuuuk. Heeeeeerrrrrruuuuuk. That’s what it sounded like. I was laughing too, so that didn’t help. I was also afriad I’d hit will so I kept turning away from him to the right, but he kept coming over, laughing and asking if I was okay. In the end I turned in a complete 360 degree circle, and was completelty surrounded by a perfect circle of vomit. none of it was within two feet of me, and some of it stretched as far as 6 feet away. I had to hop over it to get free!

Anyway, I felt way better after that. Some version of this story will probably make it into the comic at some point.