– It’s Azumanga Medusa! Earlier this week I asked for some manga recommendations. Here’s mine. Azumanga Diaoh is a 4koma strip about the daily life of a group of high school girls. the series was probably my single biggest influence for Modest Medusa (next to Yotsuba, by the same author). I re-read the entire series a few weeks ago while I was sick and was really happy to see that it was just as good as I remembered. You can get the omnibus edition of the complete series on Amazon for less than $20, and most book stores or libraries should have a copy. There’s also an anime, but the manga is better.

Anyway, here’s Medusa dressed up in the school uniform for the series and wearing a “dad hat”.  I’m such a big fan of Azumanga Daioh that early in the development of Modest Medusa I considered having Modest and Marah visit Japan and spend a term going to school with the characters from the series! Azumanga Medusa is the sticker of the month for Patreon backers. You can check out my Patreon page for more info!

– I’ll be at Sakuracon in Seattle next week. Find me at booth SP10 with Jaymz Bernard and Brian Wolf!