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  1. Claije

    If Jake didn’t know and trust this teacher I’d say he was giving bad advice. I’m on Medusa’s side here.

    • M.W.

      In very general terms I’d agree, but also keep in mind this is Modest we’re talking about here—her standards for “dumb” are not necessarily compatible with those of polite society (or entirely sane), so from his perspective I’d defer to the teacher until I had evidence to the contrary.

    • Nikary

      Agree. Teachers can be wrong.

      • Krazyfan1

        heck there is an entire website about it at notalwayslearning.com

  2. Jamato

    There is bubble connection error in frame 1. Bubble 3 it not from Jake. Sorry if I’m wrong.

    • Jake

      You’re right. Thanks. It’s been fixed.

      • Jamato

        Yay, I was useful ^__^

        • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          Fandom: Proof-reading your comic since conception.

          • Jake

            My god, where would I be without free proofreaders?

  3. gnrrrg

    If what the teacher is saying is dumb then you get a minute for rebuttal. I’m sure that’s in the school bylaws somewhere.

  4. Techno Gray
    Techno Gray

    Especially if it’s dumb! Teachers get really mad if you try to correct them.

    That goes double for professors, (triple if they’re also the author of your textbook)

  5. Marscaleb

    ESPECIALLY when its dumb.

    That’s something I learned when I was in school.

  6. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    ESPECIALLY if it is dumb! In fact, if given the choice between following an order that is smart and one that is dumb, you HAVE to follow the one that is dumb.

  7. Kris

    Especially if it’s dumb!

  8. Adam Cooper
    Adam Cooper

    Yes Modest listen, it’ll give you experience for when you’re an adult and have to listen to politicians. 😛

  9. Plasma Mongoose

    Jake: “Especially if it’s dumb”.

  10. Master Geass
    Master Geass

    What about no biting? It would be very bad if she, or rather her hair, bit anyone.

  11. man in black
    man in black

    Especially if you think it’s dumb

  12. Rock

    Now taking bets that Modest will necessitate a parent-teacher conference on her very first day…

    • Cyberaird

      “My mom is a giant snake.”

  13. Greenwood Goat
    Greenwood Goat

    How about “No running about whooping like Dr. Zoidberg”?


    Ms. Kohli: You forgot to cover that one, didn’t you?

    Mr. Richmond: So did you!


  14. J.P.

    “No, dear. Then you correct her.”

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