Modest Medusa won the 2011 Drunk Duck Award for Best Overall Comic Strip! Modest Medusa first appeared on Drunk Duck in early 2011 after a rocky start over at Webcomics Nation. It’s no exaggeration to say that big part of why MM became so popular so quickly was Drunk Duck’s super friendly and supportive community. When I finally decided to move the strip to a lot of the Drunk Duck readers followed us over, but I think it’s a real testament to the strength of the community that so many continued to read the comic there. I’m pretty sure Drunk Duck will always be Modest Medusa’s second home. Thanks everyone!

Also, the Washington Post Comic Riffs is looking for nominations for 2011’s best webcomics.  Lets see if we can get Modest medusa some attention! You can head over to the article and mention Modest Medusa in the comments, or email them directly at

You’ll remember that I mentioned Tyler Tinsley’s Kickstarter last week. Tyler is close to reaching his funding goal for this amazing set of papercrafted toys and and games, but still needs a bit of support to reah the $1000 mark, where he’ll include special Modest Medusa game pieces for his game Bluffing Style Chess. Tyler is a pal, and I really dig BSC, so I’m totally encouraging you to donate!

Speaking of Kickstarters, if you’re looking for a cute holiday gift for a kid who is just a bit to young to enjoy Modest Medusa, please check out the Kitty Egg Crayon Kickstarter. My friends and neighbors Sara and Ben have created this super cute set of  custom made beeswax crayons. They are very, very cute,a nd totally worth your donation!

The Modest Medusa Kickstarter? Thanks for asking! The books are still expected sometime next month. For those of you waiting for Chocodiles, I’m expecting word from the distributor that those will ship this week or early next week. Stickers and hand colored panels will of course ship with the books themselves, but prints will likely be sent out near the beginning of next month. I’ll need to check in with Lilineko to see how that hats are coming, but I think we can expect to see those next month as well! Please let me know if you have any questions.