– I’ll be at the Rose City Comic Con in Portland this Saturday at booth S-07. Come see me and get some cool Medusa stuff. Saturday only! I’m taking Sunday off for Marah’s birthday party.

– Here’s some Oathbreaker art from the Magical Land of Yeld RPG. Slowly but surely it’s getting closer to done!

Oathbreaker 2



– Patreon! If you like Modest Medusa and want to help me make my living making this and other comics please consider contributing to my Patreon. We’re getting close to our next milestone goal, which is also the bare minimum I need to pay my basic bills every month. Any contributions really help!

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– My friend’s Ben and Elaine are doing a Kickstarter for the 3rd and final volume of their webcomic Dubious Company. This is your chance to get a great deal on all three books! Check it out!