Sorry about missing Friday’s update. I know some of you worry when I don’t post anything. Let me tell you what happened.

As some of you know I’ve been working hard to finish up the new Modest Medusa book. As I was assembling the book I kept coming across missing files. Or not coming across them, I guess. Some of the missing files were obviously the result of my own errors (saving over older files and bad file management) and some were corrupt, but several were just missing. After encountering the first of these I went through 170ish files that would be used in the book and discovered that a handful were corrupt or missing and would have to be re-drawn. That was a pain in the ass, but not a huge deal.

However, as the project progressed I kept encountering more and more missing files. I thought I was going crazy. Files I was SURE I had seen at the beginning of the project were now gone or corrupted. I ended up re-drawing over 20 pages before finally wrapping up the project. My last step was to add the new 8 page story I had created just for this book to the project file. But… 7 of those 8 files were now missing too!

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening. At first I assumed that the older page files (from 2015 and 2016) had been corrupted at some point in the past and that the damage was done and over. But now it seems clear that the problem is ongoing and effecting recently created and accessed files. I’ve purchased a new hard drive which I hope will solve the problem, and in the meantime I’m moving all files to an external hard drive I use for backups. I keep backups on both that HD and Dropbox, but unfortunately those are just copies of the already corrupted files.

Anyway, I got so wrapped up in losing a bunch of files that I completely forgot I was supposed to be working on a new page for last Friday. It didn’t even occur to me until someone asked about it on Friday evening. Sorry about that.

Its not clear to me how many pages I’ve lost to this problem. I’m afraid I’ll find out its a lot. Right now I’m only look at files for the Season 5 book, but once I have time I’ll need to go through my entire archive. I’m dreading what I’ll find.