Strip 100. Thanks for sticking around! This is the end of Modest Medusa season 1. Season 2 starts Friday September 1st.


– Season 2 may not start for 2 weeks, but we have plenty of new content starting next Monday, including some new guest strips and some other special stuff. Please come check it out!

– To celebrate the big 100th strip we have a brand new shirt! You can see an ad for it to the left, near the top of the page.  We’re also now offering several of our shirt designs in child sizes. Check out the shirt store for more details!

– I’ll be at Kumoricon on Labor Day weekend, sharing a booth in the artists alley with Ben Hsu (of Dubious Company). Come by and visit us or check out our Dubious Medusa panel on Sunday evening!

– Make sure you come back on Monday for a huge Modest Medusa announcement!

– And seriously, thank you all very much. I wouldn’t have made it to 100 without you guys.