Strip 100. Thanks for sticking around! This is the end of Modest Medusa season 1. Season 2 starts Friday September 1st.


– Season 2 may not start for 2 weeks, but we have plenty of new content starting next Monday, including some new guest strips and some other special stuff. Please come check it out!

– To celebrate the big 100th strip we have a brand new shirt! You can see an ad for it to the left, near the top of the page. Β We’re also now offering several of our shirt designs in child sizes. Check out the shirt store for more details!

– I’ll be at Kumoricon on Labor Day weekend, sharing a booth in the artists alley with Ben Hsu (of Dubious Company). Come by and visit us or check out our Dubious Medusa panel on Sunday evening!

– Make sure you come back on Monday for a huge Modest Medusa announcement!

– And seriously, thank you all very much. I wouldn’t have made it to 100 without you guys.