– Hey everyone! As some of you know I’ve been working on a Legend of Korra fan comic in my spare time for the last few weeks. You can read the first two pages on my Patreon page. I’ll be posting parts 2 and 4 tomorrow. I hope you like it, because it was a lot of fun to draw!

MM Patreon 2015 2-6

– You probably noticed that I’ve decided to focus on promoting my Patreon page this month. I’m trying very hard to increase my monthly income to something that’s actually viable. What I want to be doing is more short comics every month. I have more Korra comics that I’d love to draw. I have Ghost Kiss stories that I really want to be working on. I have this great Marah and the Pirates story that I think will be awesome. I have a Team Rocket comic that I wrote and sketched out last year that I haven’t had time to finish. That’s the problem. Right now every bit of time I have where I’m not working on Modest Medusa is spent on finding and doing freelance work to pay the bills. Support through Patreon over the last year has helped a lot. It’s helped me get on my feet after my medical problems and spend more time working on Modest Medusa without feeling like I was killing myself by overworking. I really want to be producing a new 3-10 page comic story every month or so, and getting my Patreon income over the $1000 mark is going to help me free up more time to do that. I love drawing and making comics. That’s what I want to be doing more.

I never really expected my Patreon to hit the $500 mark, and I was amazed when it made it to $800 last summer. That was overwhelming for me. At the time I said that $800 was what I needed to pay my basic monthly expenses, and that’s true. Rent, food and medication. But I spend way to much time trying to secure paying work, and way to much time drawing stuff I don’t want to draw for freelance gigs that pay pretty poorly. It’s not awful work at all, but I know I’d rather be drawing comics for you guys, and I think you’d prefer that too. The $1200 mark is where I can safely focus on making more comics for everyone to enjoy instead of wasting time working for other people.

Every dollar helps and even small contributions are appreciated. You can check out my Patreon page here. If you can’t afford to contribute that’s just fine. Modest Medusa will always be free and I’ll always keep making comics. I know taht a lot of you show your support in different ways, even if it’s just coming back every week to read the comic. I appreciate that too. Thank you all so much!

– Jake