Moons are for suckers.

– A few of you have asked (in the most polite way possible, which I appreciate) why the comic has looked absolutely awful this season. And it has. And I know it. the truth is that I just haven’t been able to draw this year, which has been really frustrating for me. I’m not sure if its stress, anxiety, burnout general dissatisfaction with the world or something else, but nearly every illustration, page and sketch I’ve done for the last year has been a struggle, and it has resulted in some really poor work. Which I’m not happy with or proud of. This is especially disappointing to me because I was really looking forward to this season, with pirate ships, big cities, complicated fight scenes and a chance to draw Marah again. Instead it seems like I can’t draw Marah at all, and every panel is a struggle. I’ve never been so frustrated with my art.

Its difficult to know that you only really get one shot at doing something in a  comic, and then its gone, and there’s no real chance to try again. or if you do, its time spent fixing old work at the expense of doing new work, which is never good.  Yu have to make the important moments stick, and when you don’t it really feels bad. I’m pretty happy with the writing this season, but the art feels bad.

I’m trying hard to do better. I’m trying, starting with this page, to take my time, to enjoy the process, to not rush myself and to just do my best and remember that I actually love my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else. I feel like its helping a little. The last strip was really poor, but this one seems better. I’m hoping that the final act of this season will live up to my expectations.